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What deal, such a loan

You have a permanent employment contract, you have the best chance of getting a loan for an apartment. For other contracts, things get complicated.

It is estimated that only half of the employees in Poland have normal contracts. Normal, i.e. full-time employment contracts for an indefinite period. People in this group, if they have a nice that is, according to the Credit Information Bureau, they regularly pay arrears.

They have the greatest opportunity to get a mortgage

They have the greatest opportunity to get a mortgage

Mrs. Barbara is 34 years old. He also has a 9-year-old child who he brings up alone. The woman applied for a loan for the flat but failed. – I have had an employment contract for over a year, but I still have a replacement – he says. – Now I’m replacing another employee.

The financial advisor immediately stated that I would be able to apply for a mortgage only in two banks that accept this type of contract. However, I did not get a loan. At Good Finance Bank they didn’t give any reason, and at E-Money, they didn’t include some of my earnings because of my contract.

Some banks accept fixed-term employment contracts, substitution periods or civil law contracts, but when calculating their creditworthiness, they do not take into account the entire income of the person applying for a housing loan, only e.g. 80 percent – he says.

These are the income-reducing rates used for a person who has a different type of contract than a permanent employment contract. Therefore, anyone who has a civil law agreement, e.g. a mandate or specific work contract, can apply for credit effectively, but only if he meets the additional requirements. Statistics show that every third employed Pole is in this situation.

Additional Requirements


In the case of a customer with such an agreement, banks require, for example, that the person interested in the loan should provide earnings certificates not from the last three months, but e.g. from six or even a year or two years. He must also show account statements for at least the last six months and document that he or she has employed at least a year or even two in the plant.

Another additional criterion is the employment declaration. This is a document from the plant where the person works. He points out that even if the current fixed-term contract ends, the company still tries its plans with it. It is worth noting that selected banks allow gaps between orders, but usually, those that are not longer than two weeks or a month.

When an employee has a fixed-term contract, some banks accept it only if it started a minimum of half a year ago and will continue for at least a quarter or half a year after submitting the application.

If you run a business

If you run a business

People running a business also have to meet additional requirements before they get a loan to buy their own “m”. What does a potential bank customer have to do? First of all, show you what income you get from at least six months. This period is determined individually for various types of banks. Some want the entrepreneur to show income statements from the last 30 months.

Next requirement: running time. Banks will consider the application if the person concerned runs a business, e.g. a minimum of one year. The so-called. income stability is also taken into account. The business owner is in a better position and earns, e.g., 5,000 monthly USD than the one that gets 10,000 in one month, and for a month his earnings are several hundred dollars.

Selected banks do not accept when the differences in the amount of income in individual months are higher than 30 percent. A private entrepreneur, when applying for a housing loan, should also not be in arrears with contributions to ZUS and the treasury.

When a person interested in obtaining a mortgage has a “junk contract”, he earns a high income, even though a year ago she earned half of it, and earlier she had arrears in paying installments, she is not deleted for banks anyway. In times of crisis, more and more often use exceptions in the procedure of granting credit. If a person documents that, for example, he did not pay installments after the deadline, they can grant a loan.

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