Friday, 11 December, 2020

You have a loan in 15 days

The offer and the service process are starting to count again, not just to get a loan at all. That is why Good Finance advisers rated banks granting housing loans in terms of the speed of processing their loan applications.

Everyone could give one of three statuses: fast, medium and slow. We assumed that a fast bank is one in which no more than two weeks elapse between the submission of the loan application and the withdrawal of funds.

It takes 15 days to a month for a medium bank

It takes 15 days to a month for a medium bank

and for a free bank over a month. The list includes only those institutions that received at least 20 grades, i.e. most often they were selected by advisers. The final ranking included 16 banks.

Good Credit is the bank that, according to advisers, works most efficiently. In the opinion of over 60 percent. evaluating him, the borrower receives the funds within two weeks of submitting the complete application. Pekao SA came in second, which is 58 percent quick. voting.

However, advisers emphasize that this result applies to loans with a maximum value of USD 300,000. USD. With higher amounts, time definitely increases. The banks are operational, but unfortunately their offer is limited to loans in USD.

E-Money Bank came in third. In this case, however, the percentage of advisors who consider him fast is already significantly lower and amounts to 26 percent. Voters point out that E-Money Bank quickly examines the applications of clients from the private banking segment (loan amount above USD 1 million or income at the level of USD 20 thousand), who receive the final decision in two days and the payment is waiting a week.

Is it worth waiting for the lowest margin?

Is it worth waiting for the lowest margin?

In the first case, one of the factors delaying the launch of the loan is the bank’s meticulous approach to documentation that the borrower must provide. A longer-than-average application processing process may mean that a customer whose priority is time will not benefit from the attractive E-Money offer.

The bank currently offers the lowest margin for the dollar (1.9% for a loan for USD 300,000 with a 25% own contribution), as well as a lower than the market average margin for USD (2%, average 2.1%, the lowest rate is 1.35 percent).

The advisers also point out the long process of waiting for a loan to be launched in Polbank. In recent months, this bank has enjoyed great interest from customers due to its offer in both dollars and francs, as well as one of the most liberal ways of calculating creditworthiness. This month, however, the bank significantly tightened the terms of granting loans (among others, it increased margins and decreased creditworthiness).

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